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General & Laparoscopic Surgery

General surgery is a branch of medicine that focuses on abdominal contents that includes esophagus, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, liver, large intestine, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts etc. General surgery also deals with diseases involving the skin, breast, soft tissue, peripheral vascular surgery and hernias. Surgeons perform endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Laparoscopic or “minimally invasive” surgery is a specialized technique for performing surgery. Laparoscopic surgery uses several 0.5-1cm incisions. Each incision is called a “port.” At each port a tubular instrument known as a trochar is inserted. Specialized instruments and a special camera known as a laparoscope are passed through the trochars during the procedure

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Hernia Repair
  • Herniaplasty
  • Amputation Procedure
  • Gallstones
  • Hysterectomy
  • Small Intestinal Surgery
  • Large Intestinal Surgery
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